• I’ve had my Crystalmark DV-1 since 1998 and I’d bet I’ve used it every day since then. I also have a hard tissue laser. Having the laser has not diminished the usefulness of the AA unit at all. I do use the laser, but when the clinical situation could go either way, I always go to the AA first. I find my patients have less sensitivity and the procedure goes more quickly using air abrasion. The adjustability of the DV1 gives me the flexibility to fine tune the stream for the best combination of efficiency and comfort, with just enough powder to get the job done. Don’t waste your money on supplementary suction gizmos. They’re not necessary. Over the past 12 years, other than occasional routine maintenance, which I perform myself in about 15 minutes, the machine has worked flawlessly. How many pieces of equipment, used on a daily basis, can you say that about? It’s always on my list of best technologies for my practice. Patients love it. It makes my job quicker and easier. How can you beat that?

    Bill Greenberg, DDS
    Bill Greenberg, DDS Mount Holly, NJ
  • I have had my Crystalmark Air Abrasion Units for 10 years now and although I purchased a hard tissue laser 3 years ago there still isn’t a day that I don’t use air abrasion for one procedure or another. Often times I’ll use a combination of laser preparation and followed by air abrasion. When preparing crowns, I always use air abrasion on the prep before placing a post or core buildup to aid in adhesion of the material and/or cements. Air abrasion just makes practicing dentistry better! Furthermore time has proven that I made the right decision in choosing Crystalmark. My DV-1s (now with Helium) have worked flawlessly – offering fantastic control at low and high pressure. Air Abrasion is messy? This has not been the case with my Crystalmark units that use a minimal amount of abrasive powder. Maintenance has been a breeze with Crystalmark. No need to have a repair technician service my units when I can easily do it myself! It would be very difficult and very undesirable to practice dentistry without air abrasion and Crystalmark manufactures the best air abrasion unit. Thank you Crystalmark for a decade of impeccable service.

    Bruce L. Silver, DMD
    Bruce L. Silver, DMD Burlington TWP, NJ
  • There are some things that we take for granted when are so accustomed to having them. My DV-1 has been a work horse since the day I started using it. I take for granted that it is so simple to maintain and hasn’t let me down in 10 years of use. I forget to order powder because it is so efficient that I order less than once a year. A day doesn’t go by that I’m not using it; either for etching and cleaning a CEREC inlay or crown or following a crack in a tooth or simply prepping for a restoration or to place sealants. As a “CEREC” doctor for over 15 years I can’t imagine placing CEREC restorations without it. I’m not sure how I worked without air abrasion but now it is as integral a part of my armamentarium as a dental handpiece.

    Danny W. Qualliotine, DDS
    Danny W. Qualliotine, DDS Greenville, NC
  • I am giving Crystalmark a 5 star rating! They have the knowledge, support, and products I need to keep my systems going strong. I love their Air Abrasion Resistant Mirrors too because they allow me to work. Want to know more? Read on. My first Crystalmark system unit was purchased in 1997, and 10 years later, it is still going strong! I now have a total of five Crystalmark units and may need another in the near future. The interesting thing to note is that my second air abrasion unit was not a Crystalmark. That was a big mistake! This brand gave me constant problems. This unit was purchased because it had an internal air booster that took 80 psi to 120 psi. I learned from experience that because the Crystalmark has a variety of nozzles sizes and powder/pressure adjustments, it cuts better, with less pressure, and with no major break downs. I do not use 120 psi any more. In 2001, I made a really stupid mistake! I purchased five air abrasion units from a third manufacturer because I thought they would be better. Boy was I wrong! I had headaches for three years. They were being repaired constantly from day one. The company felt so bad that they gave me an extra year warranty on all the units. Meanwhile my old Crystalmark unit was in use all the time while the others were under repair. That was a $35,000+ mistake. Real stupid! After three years, they all went to the dump! They were replaced with CrystalAir units in 2004. I’ve had no problems since. Now, I am playing it smart. When I am doing air abrasion, it is going to be a Crystalmark machine. If something new comes out, my first question will be, ‘is it made by Crystalmark?’ If the answer is ‘NO’, I am not interested.

    David H. Sutton, DDS
    David H. Sutton, DDS Newport, TN
  • I have been using my Crystalmark DV-1 since 1997. Almost immediately, I began to use it many times a day. I use it to prepare teeth for sealants, alone for small carious lesions, and with a bur for larger restorations. When removing amalgams, the DV-1 is great for removing stain before placing a posterior composite. I remove old composites with air abrasion, usually without anesthesia. I use the DV-1 to clean prepared teeth before cementing or bonding permanent restorations such as crowns and veneers. After 10 years, I would have a difficult time practicing without my DV-1. Fortunately, I have not had to face that problem. My DV-1 rarely breaks down. When it does, I usually repair it in minutes while my patient looks on. This device is so simple. I usually don’t refer to the handy diagram glued to the inside of the front panel. One time, I sent it in for an overhaul. Crystalmark sent out a loaner overnight for me to use while they upgraded mine. The people at Crystalmark are invariably professional and polite. On rare occasions, when I have called the toll free number, Mike Swan, one of the owners has answered the phone. Mike knows his product and all of its parts as well as any of his staff. He enjoys talking about dentistry, air abrasion, and the DV-1. Mike can recommend settings and tips for different procedures. Ask him about the history of air abrasion in dentistry. He can tell you about how his products are used in other fields such as paleontology. I will buy another DV-1 if I ever need to replace mine, but I doubt that I will ever need to do that.

    David Leader, DMD
    David Leader, DMD Malden, MA
  • Dear Mike, I would like to buy the machine you sent us. After using the KAVO and the DV-1 back to back for two days there is no comparison! My assistants are even convinced even though they initially did not like the size of the unit! Thanks very much for being so patient and the trial was a great success!

    Amanda R. Trotter, DDS
    Amanda R. Trotter, DDS Waco, TX
  • Mike, just a note to let you know how much I have appreciated your product and service. In 2002 I bought a Crystalmark Model DV-1 equipped to use both air and Helium and for the first time since I bought it, it needed service this year (Dec, 2009). We have just followed your maintenance instructions over the last 8 years to change the pinch valves each time we opened a new jar powder. That’s the only maintenance we’ve ever done. I’ve never had a single instrument of any kind in my 30 years of practice that had such great longevity. It still performs just like it did when I first bought it. I bought this particular model because I saw how much better it worked than even the non Helium Crystalmark Unit. The key to patient sensitivity issues is low air pressure. Normally I leave it at 50 PSI. Other Air Abrasion units I’ve owned and tried could not do this and subsequently patients frequently had sensitivities which had to be anesthetized. Once in a while a patient will need an even lower setting, and amazingly the DV-1 with Helium will allow me to do fillings as low as 20 PSI! When I use my intra oral camera for the diagnosis and treatment presentation, patients readily accept the treatment for air abrasion fillings. I average $1,200.00 in air abrasion fillings daily so it has been a consistent money maker and an awesome service. Thanks, Mike! Keep up the great work

    Tom Tinney, DDS
    Tom Tinney, DDS Elk Grove, CA
  • I could not imagine working without AA. I have a laser as well, but it is not able to diagnose the pits and fissures. My Crystalmark helps me identify which fissures already have decay deep in the grooves and which ones can be sealed. If I find decay, then I switch to TURBO (Helium) and I’m in and out double fast, usually without anesthesia. For pediatric applications, when working with uncut teeth, air abrasion helps me keep the cavity prep conservative Other machines I have used in the past produced a lot of dust and airborne particles (I tolerated it for the benefits), but with the Crystalmark, I can adjust the powder flow where it does not make a mess.

    Gary Myers, DMD
    Gary Myers, DMD Orange Park, FL
  • I have just started using the Crystalmark Air Abrasion unit that is powered with compressed air and helium. This unit is fantastic. Quiet, very little powder mess, and very, very efficient. I must have been living in a vacuum not have heard about this unit. Plus, Mike Swan is great to work with. Another incredible benefit of Bill Domb’s Ozone Course. Thanks, just had to share

    Gregory Yount, DMD
    Gregory Yount, DMD Mattoon, IL
  • JOHN C. FLUCKE, DDS – DENTICLE GROUP, LCC LEE’S SUMMIT, MO “If you are interested in doing minimally invasive dentistry while keeping your costs in line, you should consider air abrasion. The CrystalAir DV-1 with Heliablate removes tooth structure quickly, conservatively, and with less sensitivity than with units powered by air alone. If you are considering an air abrasion device, my advice is to take a look at Crystalmark.”

    John C. Flucke, DDS
    John C. Flucke, DDS LCC Lee's Summit, MO
  • For 7 years I have I owned two Crystalmark DV-1 Air Abrasion Units, and I can’t see how I could practice dentistry without them. They are used routinely on all operative dental activities, and are well suited to my practice in that I am a firm believer in minimally invasive treatment. Moreover, Air Abrasion is very well liked by my patients – quiet, no vibration, frequently no anesthetics, and correctly perceived by them to be “leading edge, high tech” equipment. Unlike many pieces of dental equipment the machines are easy to maintain, but recently, due to an oversight in not replacing the rubber pinch tubes as recommended, one of them finally failed, resulting in the pinch valve mechanism jamming up with abrasive. Following a phone call to Crystalmark, I ‘field stripped’ the entire valve assembly, cleaned the parts, lubricated and re-assembled, replacing the offending pinch tube in the process, and had it working the next morning. This easy service and repair in the field not only saves money but more importantly time. Thank you Crystalmark!

    John R. Brackett, DDS
    John R. Brackett, DDS Clarendon Hills, IL
  • To Whom It May Concern: I have been using Crystalmark Air Abrasion in my office for over 10 years. I own two machines and I would not practice without them. When the subject of air abrasion comes up it may have a narrow meaning to some practitioners, but in my office it is essential in treating both children and adults in a wide variety of procedures. As examples, I have great success with anterior bonding; sealants, Class Vs and I even use it for diagnosis. I use it in all my bonding procedures and helping out with cementations. I feel very proud of the restorations I deliver to my patients because I know I deliver them with great marginal integrity. An additional benefit is that I can generally do these restorations without anesthesia. I would be happy to go over my techniques and uses with anyone interested.

    Kathleen M. Luciano, DDS
    Kathleen M. Luciano, DDS Chino, CA
  • I have had two CrystalAir units in my office since 1997. They are dependable, clean, economical and comfortable for my patients. I only needed to buy a simple diode laser for soft tissue, since the CrystalAirs allow me to do so much dentistry without drilling or anesthesia. It is my pleasure to recommend these units to the pickiest practitioners. Their air abrasion-resistant mouth mirrors are a must as well. Crystalmark’s lengthy experience with industrial air abrasion prior to entering dentistry assures us of reliable economical performance with minimal powder overspray. With infinitely adjustable air and powder controls and a wide variety of cutting nozzle tips the Crystalmark DV-1 is head and shoulders above the competition. Additionally, Crystalmark Dental Division’s ace, Mike Swan, is a pleasure to work with.

    Michael D. Stern, DDS
    Michael D. Stern, DDS Willoughby Hills, CA
  • PAUL FEUERSTEIN, DMD – NORTH BILLERICA MA I have been using this unit for over 6 years. It is one of the few tech tools that I have been using in my general practice on a consistent basis, along with Kavo’s Diagnodent. The pair has helped my patients by finding numerous early detected lesions that can be painlessly restored with this unit. This treatment has surely saved a lot of enamel.

    Paul Feuerstein, DMD
    Paul Feuerstein, DMD North Billerica, MA
  • It is with great pleasure that I recommend Mr. Mike Swan and the Crystalmark Air Abrasion unit. I have tried many different and more expensive air abrasion units and Crystalmark’s machine and support are by far head and shoulders above the competition. Since 2004 I have been using Crystalmark’s air abrasion equipment and I can honestly say it has changed the way I practice dentistry for the better. There’s hardly a day that goes by that I don’t use it for either minimal CL I caries, abfraction lesions, or cleaning preps prior to bonding veneers or crown and bridge restorations. In 75% of my cases I do not have to use anesthesia or a handpiece! Be sure to purchase the Crystalmark air abrasion resistant mirror and use high mag loupes when removing decay. I use the silver nozzle 90 degree tip for FAST decay removal. We all have patients in our practice with incipient carious lesions. Why “watch” the decay get deeper before treating? Air abrasion is the perfect solution. Reconsider air abrasion for your practice…you’ll be glad you did.

    R. Brad Beasley, DMD
    R. Brad Beasley, DMD Athens, AL
  • I lecture for the American Dental Association on Minimally Invasive Dentistry. I have, in my own practice, been on the cutting edge of technology for over 25 years. I was the very first purchaser of the intra oral camera in 1986. I own a Biolase and use it on a daily basis. Over the years I have had a number of air abrasion units but I want you to know that the Crystalmark is the finest unit I have ever owned. I am extremely impressed with its quality and ease of operation. It is virtually trouble free. There are four dental items I would not practice without. First is magnification, second is head light illumination, third is the Crystalmark unit, and fourth is the intra oral camera. If a dentist practices adhesive dentistry, that is if a dentist bonds anything and does not use an air abrasion unit that dentist is fooling him/her self that they are doing their best work and they are cheating the patient. The versatility of your unit is unmatched and allows the dentist to adjust for any procedure. It is one of those “deal breakers” for me. If I cannot have a Crystalmark then I quit. In my lectures I include a large section on the benefits and uses of air abrasion technology. I feel strongly that the modern dental practice cannot function to its highest potential given today’s materials without a high quality air abrasion unit. Crystalmark thank you again for a GREAT product and keep up the very good work.

    Randolph Shoup, DDS
    Randolph Shoup, DDS Noblesville, IN
  • I am using the Crystalmark unit a lot, probably 5 or more times a day in my Pediatric Dental practice. It really does boost productivity and patient satisfaction. Recently, for example, I was able to do six one surface fillings on a couple of patients before 9 am without having to numb, so it was great for production and for the patients. I absolutely love the helium driven air abrasion. I find that if the decay is small, almost to the point of stains, or maybe just a bit deeper, then air abrasion without anesthesia is fine in most cases. I have prepped some teeth actually quite deep into dentin with no reports of pain. Air abrasion is perfect for the very young patients with small carious lesions and is faster than using a slow speed round bur. I feel it elicits less pain and negative response as there is no vibration. Because I do not always anesthetize or use a handpiece, I do not always use nitrous oxide even on the little ones. By the way, I like using the Isolite with air abrasion even if I have to cut it to fit. It was really nice to have an opportunity to evaluate before purchasing the unit so now I know that I don’t want to do dentistry without it! Thanks again, Mike.

    Sheila Harris, DDS
    Sheila Harris, DDS Riverside, CA
  • We have been using air abrasion in our office for a long time now, having started with some of the very inexpensive units and graduating to several of the Crystalmark DV-1’s. You could not pry these from our gloved fingers. There are so many times we can treat teeth with minimal invasion, in a pain-free and non-traumatic fashion that our patients love, and we know we are providing a superior level of service. Our study group did a side-by-side comparison of dental laser and air abrasion, and the DV-1’s won hands down. Better cutting, smoother surfaces, far less sensitivity. Anyone contemplating a hard tissue laser should get their hands on an air abrasion appliance. Better technical performance with far lower cost.

    William Domb, DMD
    William Domb, DMD Upland, CA
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