8000-1- CrystalAir™ DV-1 Dental Air Abrasion Cavity Prep Device

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CrystalAir DV-1 Dental Air Abrasion Device

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Crystalmark Dental’s third generation CrystalAir DV-1 is the finest Air Abrasion Unit available at any price!  The CrystalAir is highly adjustable. The system of feeding powder into the air stream makes it possible to prep cavities using 80% LESS POWDER compared to other devices!!  Because the powder flow is independent of air pressure you can precisely fine tune the abrasive spray for low pressure cutting,cleaning and surface modification or  nozzle tip diameters.  Other devices have incorporated a stream of water to the stream of abrasive to remedy their dusty overspray.  The result is trading a dusty mess for a muddy mess.  Since the CrystalAir uses so much less abrasive adding water to it simply isn’t useful or necessary.

The CrystalAir is the only unit able to use Helium as the propellant gas.  Helium will cut twice as fast as air with no increase in patient sensitivity and since it  preps in half the time even less abrasive is used per procedure.

With or without HELIUM, and using the least powder of any unit while offering great cutting at both low and high PSI, Crystalmark’s CrystalAir DV-1 is a unique tool for Minimally Invasive Dentistry and is truly the only NO MESS air abrasion unit.

Device Specifications:
Power Requirements: 115 volt, 60 hz, 1 amp or 230 volt, 50 hz, .5 amp
Air Requirements: Clean, dry, 40 psi minimum, — 125 psi maximum 1.5 cfm @ 80 psi (276 kPa min. — 862 kPa max. 42L3/m at 552 kPa)
Standard Dimensions:  9 1/2 in  x 11 1/2 in x 12 1/2 in
Operating Pressures: 5 psi minimum — 140 psi maximum